Lyrica Lawrence has been a practicing Massage Therapist for over a dozen years. Registered since 2008. In that time she has honed her skills and enjoyed working with many different patients on a whole variety of issues.

She finds working one on one with her clients highly rewarding and loves possessing the knowledge and skill to help clients escape from pain, recover from injuries and work towards health goals. Lyrica is particularly skilled at helping people with neck and back issues. These concerns happen to almost everyone at some point or other in life, and they can be both surprising and debilitating.

Without the right care these issues can become chronic; it is important to get help right away so the concern can be resolved fairly quickly.

“I love it when someone comes back in to see me and I ask about the painful issue that we had worked on last time and they have forgotten that they had even had it. That feels so good!” says Lyrica.

Another area of interest for Lyrica is working on surgical scars. She has had good results working on scars that have puckered, keloided, or are itchy or pulling. Her work can help smooth the scar, reduce discolouration and help with uncomfortable itching sensations. The scar must be fully healed (no scabbing left) before work can be done. However even long standing scars have been treated by Lyrica with great results (scars that were more than 10 years old).